visual artist

Cliff-indexCarol Shinn is a studio artist who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is known internationally for photo-based machine-stitched images. She has taught many classes and workshops across the United States, and her pieces are in numerous public and private collections. Articles about her work have been featured in many publications. She is the author of Freestyle Machine Embroidery, which was released in May, 2009 by Interweave Press. (See Recommended Books) Carol has most recently been writing for and is included in their E-book Textiles: a response to landscape.

Jamie Chalmers wrote of Carol's work:

Shinn’s self-confessed obsession with exactitude has earned her global recognition ... her works feature snapshots...both urban and rural—vignettes that capture the wonder of the normal in remarkable detail. Light and shade combine with natural decay and the passage of time to beautify the surroundings. By concentrating on these moments, Shinn stops us in our tracks and gives us the opportunity to pay full attention.

Shinn chooses to explore the face value of the environment, rather than comment on the mood or meaning of the image. This forces the viewer to appreciate the visual aesthetic but removes preconception from it; the peeling paint and worn floorboards of Empty Hotel Room [shown in images] are presented without any story or commentary so we can draw our own conclusions from the textures we see.

Jessica Hemmings wrote of Carol’s work,

[Her] embroideries are a study in the complex and minute details it is possible to render in thread. Often, a tension between the familiar and unfamiliar is apparent in the combination of image and content.

Her work Trail by the Cliff (2018) is shown above (embroidery size—34”h x 17”w, framed 41”h x 24”w.).